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Naomi Watts 3-Step Skincare Routine is What Was Missing from Our Lives

Once in a while, famous celebrities share their beauty secrets and makeup routines.  If we are lucky, they would even share the exact makeup products that they use.  This is what happened with actress Naomi Watts recently, when she shared her three-step nighttime skin care routine.  We say three-step because it involves the use of three kinds of products, and are the reason why Watts’ skin has been glowing from within, all these years.  It is especially useful for women who travel often and are in their fifties, like the actress herself.

A lot was revealed when the actress shared her three-step beauty regimen, because as it turns out, she’s not just knowledgeable with beauty products, she actually owns a business related based on it.  If you have heard of ONDA in NYC, a boutique that specializes in beauty and wellness products, know that Watts co-founded it!  The boutique has 3 branches as of this moment, in NYC, the Hamptons, and in Sydney.

Watts is a native of Australia, so when she travels between New York and Australia throughout the year, so she needed a routine that would pamper her skin in both hot and cold weather.  Getting exposed to the sun too much can give the skin wrinkles and fine lines, and to fight this, Watts uses the Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum.  It’s packed with antioxidant ingredients like Vitamin C and E, plus it contains collagen-building ingredients. The actress puts one to two pumps of the product on her face and neck every night.

Retinol is beneficial, especially to aging skin.  However, some side effects may occur when you have sensitivity with it.  To combat this, Watts uses Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum, because it calms the skin and reduces any inflammation.  It’s dubbed as one of the best products of 2019, and the actress seems to be a fan. Before she sleeps, the last step in her nighttime skin care routine is putting on the Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream to hydrate her skin. And that’s a wrap!

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