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Kylie is Conquering the Skincare Business with ‘Kylie Skin’

When it comes to business, Kylie Jenner is fearless – a great factor that helped her achieve great success with her Kylie Cosmetics business that made her a billionaire at only 21.  Now the reality star turned business mogul has fearlessly set her eyes on a new business venture, which is skincare.

It’s not surprising at all that thus is the part of the beauty world that Jenner has set her sights on, because it’s usually the next step for a businesswoman who has found success in the beauty industry with a cosmetic line.  The 21-year-old announced her new skincare line called Kylie Skin with an official launch date of May 22.  Jenner disclosed the great news on her Instagram account, saying that she has been working on Kylie Skin for a long time.  Apparently, just shortly after she launched Kylie Cosmetics, she was already thinking about this next venture because makeup and skincare go hand in hand.

The young business mogul also mentioned how she has learned many lessons from building her makeup company from ‘ground-up’, using her newfound knowledge and skills in building her new company, Kylie Skin. Her words made it obvious how excited she was telling her followers (and those looking forward to trying Kylie Skin) that she’s got the best of the best in store for them.

Jenner is one of the best influencers around, using her social media account to promote different products, even those not from the Kylie Cosmetics brand. Which is why, through her Instagram story, she spoke about each product of Kylie Skin, even before its official May 22 launch.

Some of the Kylie Skin products that Jenner shared are the Foaming Face Wash, which she mentioned is the first one she came up with, bragging about how amazing it smells; the Vanilla Milk Toner, an alcohol free toner that removes makeup residue; and a Walnut Face Scrub that has anti-inflammatory ingredients that can buff away dead skin cells from your face.

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