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Anderson And Goop Come Under Attack Because Of A Post

The owners of Goop in conjunction with Tracy Anderson, a fitness trainer working for Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, have released a rejoinder, clarifying some things said in one contentious post which was published some time ago.

The lifestyle blog, Goop, and Tracy have been condemned online by social media users who find that particular post misleading and least expected from a so-called professional nutritionist, who single-handedly oversees eight fitness outfits all over the world and invented workout moves she called ‘The Methods From Tracy”. Tracy was accused of giving out a wrong weight loss advice in the publication because such recommendation is dangerous to one’s health.

Photo of Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson

That was the beginning of other torrential opinions flowing in from social media. That recent online attack necessitated a quick rejoinder from Goop and Tracy to clear their names. According to the controversial article, Tracy posted a question that people usually ask on weight loss, and it asked, ‘How can you start your weight loss journey?”

Social Media Attack On Anderson’s Article About Weight Loss Program

Anderson recommended some tips such as daily exercise, practicing the ‘Almighty low carb’ routine, and completely eliminating gluten from your diet. She also added that the way you move is the way you will be and what you consume is the real you. Naturally, you would like to be consistent and logical with your fitness plans body and how you manage your weight throughout the year.

Afterwards, she posted a diet routine strategy for those suffering from poor weight gain and need help on losing excess pounds within the shortest period of time. Tracy said within one month; they can try a sixteen-pound fitness trial and see wonders, although the process demands deep concentration, physical alertness, mental stability, and emotional readiness.

Gwyneth Paltrow

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. One of the critics who countered Tracy was another expert on nutrition, Rhiannon Lambert, who expressed disappointment at Tracy and wondered how such an incriminating post could go public. She argued that Tracy’s recommendations are susceptible to causing health damage and dent people’s perspectives about food.

Nutrition Rhiannon Lambert Expressed Her Opinion Regarding Tracy’s Post

The rigorous daily workout is risky as well because it doesn’t allow an individual’s body to recuperate at the right time due to its ‘rushed’ effects, says Lambert. On gluten, she added that if you cut out gluten completely from your diet just because you want to lose weight, you will be deceiving yourself because that process is not an automatic weight loss solution.

In her opinion, denying yourself of some complete food classes or taking hasty steps in altering your diet is unreasonable because such decisions are not convenient to maintain. The effect may cause a deficiency in the supply of micronutrients and vital dynamics in dietary plans that can help your gut will be absent, explains Lambert.

Although this contentious article by Goop was made public some months back when summer season began, many social media users are just sending their opinions on Twitter. Some users qualified Tracy’s recommendation as the unsound idea that lacks scientific backing, while some were angry because such advice will encourage the practice of anorexia.

One of the owners of Goop

In a positive PR attempt, the representative for Goop and Tracy published a response in order to clear the coast by making their true intentions known.

Tracy’s Spokesperson Published A Response

Tracy’s spokesperson said since more than two decades of the trainer’s professional journey; she has always stuck to her plan of having a 1-3 lb shedding of weight every single week in order to lose weight quickly. When one person has 12 lbs, such person can shed tangible weight within one month, and just in case they possess large weight, they can aim to reduce to 7 lbs. According to the representative, this practice is in line with what Tracy was trying to preach in the article, discouraging people from depending too much on excess diets.

A spokesperson for Goop reiterated the stand of the site, which does not encourage bad diets for people or excessive dietary rituals. The most important thing to do is to follow her advice and identify those things that work best for you, just like Tracy said in one of her statement as published in the article. Another spokesperson for Gwyneth’s website said that Goop does not encourage weight loss, rather they only advocate for good eating habit, and Tracy usually treats issues that border on diets.

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