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Ben Affleck Is Taking On Ex-Girlfiend Jennifer Lopez’s 10-Day Challenge

Ben Affleck is ready to take up his ex-girlfriend’s challenge. We are, of course, referring to  Jennifer Lopez’s 10-day, no sugar, low-carb challenge since it’s still making rounds up in Hollywood among the stars, and Ben appears to be the newest contender.  Since JLo was joined by fiancé Alex Rodriguez in the challenge, we wonder what he thinks of the singer-actress’ ex taking up this difficult, but beneficial dare.

Appearing on the Today Show with co-star, Charlie Hunnam, to promote his new movie Triple Frontier, host Hoda Kotb noticed something different about Affleck, so she brought up how he’s looking to be in tip top shape and fresh-faced, as if everything was going great in his life at that moment.  If you didn’t know, Affleck recently had some struggles with his alcohol addiction issues, and his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Garner, had to intervene to get him into rehab.  That’s when the actor and director finally admitted that he took up the A-Rod 10-day challenge that involved his ex, JLo, and decided he’s going to do it.

Ben also teased Carson Daly for failing on the challenge after being on it for just a day and a half.  Of course having to experience the challenge himself, the actor gave Carson a bit of credit, because he admitted that the challenge was extremely difficult to follow for the first few days, since carbohydrates plays a big role in his regular diet. Who doesn’t eat pasta, or a donut every once in a while, right?  The upside of the 10-day challenge is that after suffering for the first few days, you would end up feeling great later on.  And although Affleck followed the requirements of the challenge as strictly as possible, he failed on the caffeine part.  Looks like the actor couldn’t go a day without his coffee boost in the morning!

Once the 10-day challenge ended, Affleck claimed that he binged on one of his most favorite foods, that he wasn’t able to eat for 10 whole days – bread!  He said he ate 3 bagels once the challenge was done and dusted with.

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