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Carrie Underwood Is Bouncing Back After Baby No. 2

Carrie Underwood, who just turned 36, opens up about her dilemma about how to rebound after giving birth to her second child. The singer is, as we all know, married to NHL player Mike Fisher and they had one son, Isaiah Michael, until the arrival of their second son, Jacob Bryan.

Underwood describe the difficulties she faced throughout the process of recovering from the delivery process, often feeling like that it was not her own body, as she was not able to recognize herself after pregnancy.  Despite just giving birth, she wanted to just bounce back to her old, familiar self again.  That was until she realized that she was being too hard on herself, because her past experience with her first post-pregnancy body couldn’t be the same like her second pregnancy, plus she was younger the first time around.

The country superstar said she kept focusing on things her body could not do, such as how it can no longer run as fast as it used to, or even lift the same weights it used to be able to lift before.  She constantly thought about the ‘cannot’ until she realized how her body performed perfectly in the nine months that it carried her son Jacob, and how it still functions well to nourish him and take care of him, now that he’s born.  So she’s making a promise to herself, instead of thinking about the things that her body cannot do, she is focusing on what her body can do.

We understand how it’s extremely hard for a famous singer like Underwood, because even if she has a bigger responsibility to her children, she has the added pressure of looking good all the time as a celebrity, because she makes a living out of her singing career.  And the stress that the entertainment world brings to stars, is unfathomable.

On her Instagram account, Underwood said that ever since she started respecting her post-baby body, she no longer analyzes every pound, every meal, every curve, and every angle.  She also vows to take her weight loss journey, one step at a time.

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