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Core Exercises Which Can Relieve Back Pain

What would you consider doing if your back suddenly starts hurting? Would you consider curling up on the bed and resting or would you wait for the pain to go away and the healing process to begin? These methods have been used for ages leading many people to believe it is the best method to deal with back pain. However, the medical fraternity now states that relief from back pain can be achieved if people are willing to make their back muscles stronger to minimize their back pain. They just need to begin some core exercises to overcome the problem they are facing.

Studies which have been conducted have proven that getting involved in yoga and stretching exercises are helpful in relieving soreness in the back. The exercises suggested can also help you reduce the number of pain medications you could be ingesting when dealing with back pain.

Hearing about exercises should not give you an impression that you should be joining a class or contacting an expert for advice. You can utilize a simple fitness routine from the comfort of your home, confident in the knowledge that it will go a long way in strengthening your back muscles while also reducing the pain and any pressure you could be facing.

Actions You Need to Take Before Beginning Core Exercises

Is completely normal that one of the first questions that goes through your mind is to know where to get the information about where you can start and the kind of core exercises you can start performing at your home. You wouldn’t need advice from an expert to tell you that, while some exercises can prove helpful for your back, you could even suffer from more pain when you make certain movements.

The cause of the back problem will determine the kind of core exercises you need to be involved in, experts like Nancy Talbot, the associate professor of rehabilitation sciences at the University of Cincinnati, says. She states that people who have a problem with their back should ensure they have been examined by a healthcare professional to eliminate any serious concerns which could be leading to the back pain. The examination must be conducted also to accurately assess the kind of core exercises which would be appropriate for the individual.

Beginning the Routine For Core Exercises

It is essential for you to develop a routine for core exercises which you can usually do for 30 minutes at a time for about 2 to 3 times every week. The movements of the basic core exercises should help to strengthen the core muscles which are primary in stabilizing your back and also easing or preventing the back pain.

You can begin with the following core exercises which will provide you the relief you need:

Begin with Stretching

 Core Exercises

You Should Create and Stick to Your Own Routine For Core Exercises

You can lie flat on your back and bend your knees while lifting one of your knees up to your chest which will ensure that your lower back is pushed down toward the floor. You need to hold this position for about five seconds and relax before repeating the exercise with the other leg. You need to do about 10 repetitions of each leg bearing in mind to alternate your legs between every repetition.

You can also lie on your stomach with your hands, shoulders, and palms flat on the floor and push your upper body up to hold the position for five seconds to relax your lower back. 10 repetitions are again necessary if you choose this method of stretching.

Low-impact Aerobic Exercise

 Core Exercises

Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises Like Walking, Cycling Or Swimming Can Also Help To Relieve Back Pain.

All types of low-impact exercises are extremely helpful for the body and the back but one of the best forms of boosting your overall health will be available to you if you decide to include some core exercises like aerobic exercises in the form of walking, bicycle riding, and swimming. These exercises are also recommended for people who suffer from arthritis.


Isometric exercises are usually always recommended by physical therapists

Isometrics are also recommended by physical therapists to keep the lumbar spine and the low back in a neutral position. The experts believe that isometrics can help people develop a good sense of control over their back muscles and also to teach their muscles to control the position of the lower back, especially when they are involved in hazardous activities.

If you are constantly suffering from back pain, it is essential for you to ensure that the core exercises you are involved in are productive and will actually prove useful in healing your back without hurting it. You are advised to have a consultation with a therapist if you are uncertain about the kind of core exercises you should be involved in because a customized routine can easily be developed to provide relief from the back pain.

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