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The Five Reasons That Could Be Making You Unfit For Work

It can be heart-wrenching to call your office and report you are unfit for work but it may be a situation that is really concerning you. You could be infected by a common cold and believe it is just a small matter but wouldn’t want to expose your colleagues to a contagious sickness. Staying away from work would mean the loss of payment and having to take sick time off which can be difficult for most people.

When you are unfit for work you should be determining the reasons appropriately and should consider the five we have mentioned understanding whether you will be better off at home rather than reporting for work. Consider the following five factors before you make this delicate decision that may affect both you and your employer.

A Contagious Infection Can Make You Unfit for Work

 Unfit for Work

You Could Be Suffering From A Contagious Infection Which Would Have Made You Unfit For Work.

A contagious infection can spread and regardless of how rotten you could be feeling, you should consider what the situation would be if you reported for work helping the infection to spread to your colleagues. It is common for people to believe the contagious period only begins after the sickness takes hold which is a mistake.

In most cases, the most contagious period is during the beginning before the sickness has fully developed. Therefore, it would be better for you to consider the development of your sickness and its signs before making the decision to report for work. The likelihood of you spreading the contagious illness are unlikely in the following days if you obtain the appropriate treatment for the condition you are dealing with.

The Symptoms To Make You Unfit for Work Could Be Worse Than Believed

You may not believe that your sickness is concerning but you could, in fact, be sicker then you believe. The initial 6 to 12 hours are the worst because your symptoms can increase even as you begin leaving for work. Your sickness could begin with just a fever which can be managed with medication.

However, if it is also accompanied by weakness, confusion, diarrhea and vomiting from the very onset, you should be reporting unfit for work. You must make a decision by yourself during the initial stages and if you are still unfit for work after 24 hours you should be calling a doctor for advice.

Your Workplace Could Be Unfit for Work In Such Conditions

Unfit to Work

Your Workplace May Not Have The Accommodation Needed To Make It Easy for You To Work 

Workplaces are often designed to be sick friendly and help people by providing appropriate accommodation to manage minor problems such as a cold or the flu. However, the number of workplaces that are without such facilities are numerous and therefore you will need to decide whether you can report for work confident in the knowledge that you have access to all the facilities needed to manage the contagious illness you are suffering from effectively. It includes being able to:

  • Have free access to bathrooms during the day.
  • Access to wash your hands and dispose of facial tissues after you have sneezed or wiped your nose.
  • Access to storage and usage of the medication prescribed.
  • You are not required to work in the heat or be exposed to strenuous conditions which could aggravate the problem.

Your Medications Are Making You Unfit for Work

Unfit to Work

The Prescribed Medications Could Be Leaving You Confused And Unfit To Continue Working.

This is a decision you will need to make yourself. Some people may display no side effects after ingesting medications for contagious illnesses while others could struggle with daytime sleepiness and confusion. It can be difficult for you to manage the working hours effectively if you are feeling confused which is a common problem with people who have been prescribed antihistamines. In these circumstances, you are better off reporting unfit for work rather than going to work without being fully capable.

Children’s Sickness Can Also Make You Unfit for Work

Children can spread a contagious illness among other children faster than adults. If you are feeling unfit for work and believe that your children are suffering from a similar problem you should be staying home without reporting for work. You should be making an effort to take your entire family out of the loop of contagious illnesses for at least 24 hours. Thereafter, you can consider getting back to work after you have been through the initial period even if the illness has left you feeling weaker.

When you feel you are unfit for work because of the reasons spoke about in this article, the onus of representing yourself will be upon you. You must ensure that your sickness does not spread to your colleagues or the general public. If you want to succeed in your objective, you must be prepared to report unfit for work despite the possibility of facing a small loss in the form of lost pay.

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