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Hilaria Baldwin was Pregnant with her 5th Child, and Knew that She would Miscarry

Hilaria Baldwin had a personal story to tell, and she shared it when she appeared in the Today show on April 9.  She revealed two surprising things, first she said she was pregnant with her 5th child with actor Alec Baldwin. And second, that she would possibly suffer a miscarriage.

Baldwin said that her intention behind revealing what she was going through, was to remove the taboo that’s associated with the first trimester of pregnancy and miscarriages. Her decision to do so was lauded and praised by experts, saying that with the move, she was helping those who are suffering the same to not feel lonely their own journey.


Prior to her appearance at the Today show, Baldwin posted on her Instagram account what she was going through, accompanied by a photo of her cradling her small baby bump.  She mentioned that she had been open with her followers in the past about everything else in her life on her social media account, and she has no plans of keeping the news secret just because it’s sad and heartbreaking.

The 35-year-old wife of Alec Baldwin is a wellness guru and a yogi, and she has always shared posts about fitness and wellness, and even happenings in her growing family with the actor.  The two already have four kids, namely Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo.

The yogi mentioned how there is a secrecy that lies behind the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.  Usually women will announce their pregnancy after the first trimester is over, because it’s the make or break period.  Just because a woman tested positive doesn’t mean she will go to full term, so most choose to let the delicate first trimester pass first before announcing they are pregnant.  This is the stigma that Baldwin wants to end, because statistics show that 10% of confirmed pregnancies do end in miscarriage.  It’s something women should not be ashamed about.

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