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Is It Possible To Prevent The Common Cold Once and For All?

 Common Cold

Common Colds Are Affecting Americans And Particularly Children Eight To 12 Times Every Year.

Millions of Americans are affected by a common cold every year which results in symptoms that include a running nose, sore throat, cough, and sneezing. Americans regularly miss school and work because of this condition. The CDC has estimated that adults can be affected by this problem for about 2 to 3 times every year but children are unfortunately more susceptible to the problem suffering from 8 to 12 incidences of a common cold each year.

The Main Cause of A Common Cold

Common colds are nothing but a set of symptoms which are caused by viruses. The most common reasons for the common cold are caused by the Rhinoviruses, despite the fact that more than 200 different viruses have the potential to cause the symptoms of a cold. The transmission of this infection from one person to another often happens via the hands which can be as simple as shaking hands with the person who may be affected.

The viruses may also be expelled from the body when coughing or sneezing by the infected individual into the air which could be inherited by other people. The viruses also have the ability to contaminate surfaces which could be in the form of a desktop or even a doorknob. The risks of being infected by a common cold can be reduced by following a few, simple steps.

Washing Your Hands Often Can Offer Protection From Sickness

 Common Colds

A Common Cold Can Be Easily Prevented By Washing Hands Regularly For At Least 20 Seconds.

If you do not want to be affected by a common cold, you should be washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds to help to prevent the infection. You just need to use plain soap and water and pay particular attention to the spaces between your fingers and below the fingernails. The hands should be rinsed and dried with a clean towel after the washing process ends.

Teaching children the habit of washing their hands properly will also prove helpful. When soap and water are not available, alternatives in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitizers are an option which should be considered. The hands should be washed after sneezing or coughing and before handling any food.

Avoiding Contact With the Face Can Help Prevent A Common Cold From Spreading

The viruses for the common cold enter the body through the eyes, mouth and the nose. It is therefore important for people to avoid touching their face, especially when they are exposed to a person who is already infected. Care must be taken to ensure the face is only touched after the hands are washed.

Smoking Can Aggravate A Common Cold

The throat and lungs become damaged when smoking tobacco products and in turn, can worsen the symptoms of a common cold which would already include a sore throat with a cough. Passive smoking can also be a cause for the irritation. Studies conducted have revealed that the response in smokers to antiviral medications can become suppressed making it difficult for them to fight the infection effectively.

Using Disposable Utensils When A Family Member Is Affected, Is Helpful

When people are suffering from a common cold, they should be using disposable plates, cups, and utensils and discard them immediately after use. This is particularly helpful for children within the household who may have a habit of taking food from the plates of others or even having a drink from the cups already used by the infected person.

Household Surfaces Must Be Kept Clean

 Common Cold

All Surfaces Within the Household Must Be Kept Clean To Prevent A Common Cold From Spreading.

In order to keep household surfaces germ-free it is essential to clean them frequently. The viruses can thrive on the surfaces for several hours after they have been touched by the infected person. The areas that are touched most often must receive proper attention and be cleaned with bleach or disinfectant cleaners. The surfaces that should be cleaned include doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, phones and other items which are commonly used by most people.

Washing Toys Can Also Act As A Preventive Measure Against A Common Cold

Children are highly susceptible to become infected by a common cold than adults and the viruses are usually spread when they are in contact with their toys. Children’s toys must also be cleaned when attention is being paid to other surfaces within the household.

Advice is provided to use paper towels to avoid contamination, especially when cleaning the kitchen or drying the hands after washing because cloth towels can retain viruses for several hours after being used. The paper towels should be discarded immediately after being used just as tissues which will frequently be used by people that are affected by a common cold.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also a requirement to ensure that the immune system of the body is strong and capable of fighting the infection. Simple matters like having a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are the things people need to be concerned about. Contacting a physician for any medications to combat the problem must not be forgotten if the methods suggested in this article do not help.

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