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Why We Need to Stop Cosmetic Surgery Shaming Others

We are no strangers to the negative characteristics attributed to both women and men who dare to undergo surgery. Though cosmetic surgery is now more accepted, a large number of people are still willing to shame people who do it. Aren’t we tired of witnessing ‘cosmetic surgery shaming’ almost on a regular basis in the news media? Why are people so concerned about the fact that if celebrity has a nip, tuck or tweak, it becomes fodder for the headlines? It’s their choice after all.

We are no strangers to the negative characteristics attributed to both men and women who opt to undergo surgery. While cosmetic surgery has become more acceptable than before, critics and trolls are still shame and name-call people who have chosen to undergo any cosmetic procedures. The questions remains why not just live and let live?

Reviewing some Numbers 

As per the ASPS or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, almost 15.6 million plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures were done in USA in 2014, reflecting a 3% rise from 2013. This only shows that cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries are rapidly increasing all across the globe, too. We can only assume that such statistics have increased drastically after the socialites from the Kardashian-Jenner clan became ever so popular.

Sometimes the procedures are necessary

While you may find out whether someone has recently got done some plastic surgery procedure, you do not know why they did it. Vanity does loom large but it could also be the case that they needed some change. Persons choosing to enhance their lips ought to be accepted in the same way we do when someone changes their hair color.

Further, cosmetic surgery is not a fad any longer among the famous and rich alone, as it is easily accessible and for a wide variety of reasons. There are some transgender people do use surgery to express themselves better while others seek to rectify what nature did not give them, or simply took away. Something as basic as motivation behind the move is never reflected upon, and we are often very quick to judge.

It’s nobody’s business

The reasons could also be completely cosmetic, shallow or vain, but does it still give us the right to poke fun? How have we made it our business? The negative opinions we hold are just not right and can only fuel and ignite more insecurity. That is a sad reflection on our society. More than a million people in the US suffer from body dysmorphia as per the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation, and around 13 is the age most common when BDD commences. There is no wonder that these numbers are staggering, when we as a nation take vicarious pleasure in ripping to shreds, another person’s looks, body, and personal aesthetic choices. So be nice. Why determine what others should do with their body? Body-positivity and Feminism encourages folks to do as they please with their own bodies.

Never body-negative

There are many people who desire some minor changes so as to embrace themselves slightly more. A woman probably likes her natural breasts but would still like to enhance it slightly, but do we need to berate her for her choices or actions? Why does it behoove our country’s media to cover this personal choice as earth-shaking ‘news’? If cosmetic treatments or surgeries make someone feel empowered and much more confident who are we to deny them their desire and say that it is not acceptable? Where do we stop and distinguish between eyebrow shaping, makeup, fillers or hair removal? Why bother about it?

Summing up

Cosmetic surgery treatments potentially assist people feel much more positive about themselves and how they look and feel. The pictures which the media show about dramatic cosmetic procedures, larger than life breasts and oversized lips, are all trends that are outdated and malicious in content. When such cases are reported on, they are pathetic excuses for the media and the people to ridicule another person’s choices and poke fun at them, publicly. People are exercising their choices in carrying out those procedures which make them look better and in turn make them feel more confident about facing the world.

Happiness is never ending and a life-long pursuit, while some people are truly happy when they achieve a positive personal image is what they desire. Why should anyone have issues with their journey in the quest to look fabulous!

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