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Plastic Surgery is a No-no for Brooke Shields but She Admits Having a ‘Love Handle’ Procedure

Brooke Shields, at 53, is sanguine and accepts aging. In Los Angeles to celebrate her partnership with body-contouring treatment company SculpSure, the actress says that aging is bound to happen and you must embrace it, by willing to do whatever makes one comfortable.

She looked her very best when working out long hours, getting plenty of sleep, hydrating herself often and drinking less alcohol. With her wholesome diet and strict workout routine, she added SculpSure to the mix. The parented technology uses targeted laser to cause damage to the fat cells stored under the skin, and then these cells are removed safely by our lymphatic system and never regenerated again. She always tries to stay fit and healthy by working out a lot and but admits that the older you get, the harder it is.

There are some cellulite spots that no matter what she did, they were still there, regardless of how much weight she lost. This caused her to be insecure, and that was really frustrating but SculpSure addressed her issues. The 25-minute treatments are FDA-cleared to reduce fat in the hip and belly area, thighs, back, and the under-chin region and patients see results within six weeks. Shields has had two non-invasive procedures done on her “love handles” and stomach, with noticeable results after 12 weeks.

She is reluctant to try plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as it makes her hesitant, but she is not averse. Her mom Teri had a face lift in her early 40s, and it helped her but the recovery was hard. She’s not in a rush to change her face, which is currently seen makeup-free, in People Magazine’s 2019 Beautiful Issue. Changing her face would make her feel claustrophobic and horrible all the time, as she says that her face, though older, is still her face. Ageing has also brought contentment and with no desire to go back to 25. All the elements and areas of her life now are in place.

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