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You Won’t Believe What Wacky Stuff These Celebrities Use to Hydrate Their Skin!

In the biting cold winter, keeping your skin pump and hydrated is really tough. No matter how many times you moisturize, in the cold weather, strong winds and the dry air suck out every atom of moisture, desperately sought to be locked in. Though there are thousands of skin care regimes and products to fend off the winter months ahead, at times, the store-bought products just aren’t any good and the desire to try something outlandish arises.

Hollywood celebrities seem to be thinking on the same lines, judging from unheard of DIY skin care solutions concocted specially, just to stay moisturized in these cold, cold times. But before discovering the unconventional skin care routines from beauty gurus like the Crawfords, Kardashians and the Beckhams, we forewarn you that these skin-care remedies are for brave-hearts only. From seaweed, cat litter and bird poop, this is what extreme skin care looks like. Here are 12 celebrity-approved albeit controversial skin care products, which may shock you:

Kim Kardashian — Seaweed

Sushi is great, even as a moisturizer.  Kardashian reveals on her website that her moisturizer secret, that even when her psoriasis condition leaves her skin scaly and itchy, seaweed-based products save her skin. The salt water plant has high doses of vitamin B with anti-inflammatory properties curing Kardashian of redness and irritation while her bonus skin-care solution is lathering on breast milk from elder sister Kourtney Kardashian.

Scarlett Johansson — Vinegar

Though celebrities use apple cider vinegar or ACV as a substitute to shampoo to clean and condition their hair, using it to cure acne breakouts, is rather innovative. In an interview, Johansson said that she used ACV on her face after acne scarring, to rejuvinate her skin. She researched a lot about natural skincare and gathered from multiple sources that ACV was very effective, adding if it is used as a daily toner, it is rather harsh, but after breakouts, it is really healing.

Halle Berry — Coffee Grounds

To maintain smooth skin even in winter, Berry takes coffee grounds and mixes it into her body wash and covers her body with the concoction in the shower. This innovative DIY exfoliator also promotes blood flow and softens the skin because it contains a natural stimulant, caffeine. How good is it for your shower drain? You gotta ask Halle.

Eva Longoria — Placenta

Longoria is among the celebrities using skin care products which are placenta-based, as it is said to moisturize and tighten skin. These products, which contain the placentas taken from animals like goats or sheep, prevent and smoothen out wrinkles as they contain a lot of naturally occurring collagen.

Victoria Beckham — Bird Poop

Frankly, Beckham’s secret hydrated and younger-looking skin is a tad bit disgusting- because it’s made from bird poop. Japanese Geisha Facialsare popular in the former Spice Girl’s home as her husband too, is a fan. This facial uses nightingale droppings as a gentle exfoliator to rid the skin of dust and dirt. The mom to four kids is so fond of the ingredient that her daily face cream has specially been infused with the droppings.

Angelina Jolie — Fish Eggs

As a Hollywood A-lister, Jolie is used to finer things in life, like caviar. But the actress is such a fan that she slathers it all over her amazing skin, too. Jolie began this skin care treatment which uses Baeri sturgeon eggs, after her twins Vivienne and Knox were born. The sturgeon fish eggs, reared on farms based in southern France, tighten the skin to combat slackness associated with wrinkles.

Cindy Crawford — Milk

The supermodel’s easy-enough skin care secret involves spritzing herself every morning with milk.  Crawford mixes the liquid with mineral water to ensure that her skin is well hydrated, as it is full of minerals, calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients for hydrated and healthy looking skin.

Debra Messing — Snake Venom

These skin care product is only for brave-hearts. To get rid of those annoying facual wrinkles, especially in the under-eye area, Debra uses an exclusive eye cream by Kate Somerville which legit contains snake venom. The poison supposedly acts as a sort of botox substitute by relaxing the facial muscles.

Snooki — Cat Litter

Hunting for a DIY  exfoliator and face mask? Why not try Snooki’s tried and tested clay mask using cat litter? The star while Googling for innovative and cheap skin care remedies chanced upon one involving unused kitty litter that she swears by ever since. Snooki combines water with the litter, which she uses to substitute a clay-mask, and it refreshes her skin besides cleaning out her pores.

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