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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Thoughts on Fashion, Style, and Clean Beauty

No one would contest the fact that Michelle Pfeiffer is one of best actresses of her generation, and also the one of most beautiful and stylish. She has definitely aged gracefully, one of those few who have remained a beauty even at 60. Harper’s Bazaar caught up with the actress, talking to her about fashion, style, and how she feels very strongly about clean beauty.

Fashion is all about comfort and the classics for the Antman and the Wasp actress, as she reveals some of her favorite fashion items. Pfeiffer admits she loves women in tailored suits, especially herself! According to her, she has several suits in her closet from famous high end fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and Armani. Some of her shoe fashion favorites that suggest comfort are a selection of Birkenstocks and boots that she admits she wears especially during summer. Nothing translates to comfort more than a fashion piece Pfeiffer has been wearing since she was 12 years old, which are hoop earrings.

Although her Armani suits are quite expensive, the actress admits that the item she spent a lot of money on is her Brunello Cucinelli coat that costs around $4,000. Despite the heavy price tag , she says it’s a smart buy because it’s timeless and she plans to wear it forever.

The actress’ desire for clean beauty after becoming a mother made her discover Skin Deep, a cosmetic database made by the nonprofit organization Environmental Working Group or EWG. This database is the source from which beauty products are graded for factors like quality of ingredients, transparency and how they are manufactured. Pfeiffer is now a board member of EWG, and it was through this association that she discovered that perfumes are always given a negative score.

Pfeiffer admitted she didn’t wear perfume for 10 years because of what she discovered, and this pushed her to create her own line of perfume that’s direct-to-consumer, a line called Henry Rose. She is proud to announce that the fragrance brand is Cradle to Cradle Certified and EWG verified. This is great news for people like her, who are looking to use ‘safe’ fragrances.

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